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A Chinese New Year message from the President: Master Yuan Xiang (Rob Simpson)

The Chinese year 4705 begins on Sunday 18 February, 2007.


The advent of the New Year is a time to think about the future and what you intend to achieve. It is important to consider the actions that you must take in order to reach your goals. The great tree must begin as a sapling. A journey no matter its length - proceeds from the decision to embark upon it. It is important, therefore, that we acknowledge the outcome but do not dwell upon it. We must learn to live in the moment and our endeavours will take on the inevitability of natural occurrences.


The beginning is often considered the most important time, and potentially the most difficult or problematic. It is at the beginning when you should establish the parameters of your actions and the time that you should consider the objectives that you hope to achieve and the risks to achieving them and how you intend to manage these risks. Once the process has begun, it is not enough to believe that our initial action and the ensuing momentum should carry us through to the required conclusion. To reach the desired outcome, it is essential that we apply proper actions at the appropriate time.


As new students, you may be about to embark on your journey, it is an exiting time with many opportunities that will manifest themselves in time. As more senior students you may have developed an appreciation for that which you are learning and a desire to continue to learn and develop. Some of you have taken the path of Jiao Lian: to become a teacher of the art that you have learned and a custodian of the future of the art, an important function to safeguard the future of Chinese martial arts.


There is a lot to do this year, we have a number of international events: the ICKF 10th World Chinese Kuoshu Tournament, Taiwan (ROC), in April; USA, in July; Germany, in October, to name but a few. In 2008, we have the British Open, in May, a chance to show case Chinese martial arts in the United Kingdom. In 2009, we have the TWKSF 3rd World Kuoshu Championships, in Germany. Not to mention all the regular national events in which we will both participate and officiate. It will be a busy next few years. We need to prepare ourselves to ensure that we are ready and able to meet the challenges that we will have to face.


Master Yuan Xiang (Rob Simpson)
British Chinese Kuoshu Federation


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